Aftercare/post tattoo

First of all well done on sitting through your Tattoo. Next step is to take care of it, this is just as important as us keeping our hands still! Basically your tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as one. By sticking to our easy aftercare steps you shouldn’t have any problems whilst or after the healing process.

Two hours after your sitting make sure your hands are clean and remove the covering we have provided. If your situation dictates you need to leave it on longer that’s ok just check that the tattooed area is completely covered.

When you remove your tattoo dressing it will look a bit gooey, don’t be alarmed it’s a combination of excess ink and plasma. This is totally normal and is a by-product of your tattoo healing.

Wash the tattoo thoroughly with warm water and soap. Try not to use soap that is heavily perfumed. Antibacterial hand wash like Dettol or Carex is perfect! Do not scrub the tattoo but apply the soap just with your fingertips. (you will probably be sore, especially if you just had a large tattoo). Repeat this until the tattoo’s stickiness has gone. No harm in rinsing the tattoo down with a bit of cold water to finish off the cleaning and cool yourself down. Use the shower rather than the bathe but if you only have a bath then try not to soak the tattoo for any length of time.

Let your tattoo air-dry. Although you will be tempted to dry with a towel or kitchen roll don’t as this can leave fluff or excess paper on the skin increasing your chances of infection.

Your tattoo will probably start to weep after its dry (Don’t panic if it doesn’t everyone’s skin and healing process is different). Now its time to apply some cream. From personal experience we recommend BEPANTHEN or Hustle butter. Bepanthan is a Nappy rash barrier cream found in most chemists and supermarkets in the Nappy aisle. Hustle butter can be bought from WWW.KILLERINK.CO.UK. Other people will recommend other creams but use those at your discretion. Obviously read the contents of Bepanthan/Hustle butter just encase your allergic to any of the creams ingredients. Apply a thin layer every 4 -5 hours. On the first application of cream recover your tattoo with come cling film held with micropore tape. (If working in dirty environments try and keep it wrapped up. Also if you don’t want the stains on your sheets or clothes cover up with cling film overnight.

When you wake up repeat the process of cleaning and creaming up. Use your discretion when covering up as the tattoo will need air and you don’t want old plasma to be constantly on the skin, as this will also increase chances of infection.

After a few days you should notice a light scab forming over your tattooed area, if you have followed our instructions you should not end up with a thick crusty scab. Do not pick your tattoo, this massively affects the healing process and you will have gaps and blank skin patches within your tattoo.

Repeat the cleaning/drying and cream process daily until you find your skin looks and feels as smooth as usual. (note the tattoo may have little lumps or bumps from the process due to healing and application this is nothing to worry about and is part of having a tattoo) use your common sense when it comes to not applying the cream. You should be fully healed after 10-15 days. After this period its generally good practice to moisturise your skin using cocoa butter to get rid f any dryness. Avoid using saunas, sun beds and exposing yourself to direct sunlight for a month after you have been tattooed. When your tattoo has fully healed avoid exposing it to strong UV/Sunlight from sun beds, it doesn’t mean you will never have a tan just ensure you cover up with 30+ SPF sun block.

Throughout this process of getting a tattoo you may find that swelling, redness and discomfort. Redness should die down in a day or two, If not consult your local GP. Again if you don’t have allergic reactions you can take ibuprofen to lessen the swelling.

Your tattoo healing is totally out of the tattooists control, Keep looking after it, it’s there forever.

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